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1st May
written by Minx

Ever been to Madison’s The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company? Well, The Great Dane Pub in Wausau, WI on Sherman St. is their fourth Pub, and an exact likeness of Madison’s, down to the good—not great perhaps, but good—food, the excellent beer, and the comfortable and broad atmosphere.

I like the atmosphere particularly well for two reasons. First, the restaurant has a modern, happening feel to it that makes you feel lively just being there. Secondly, the booths and tables are made of  heavy, strong wood that comforts and supports you. The darkness of the bar is about the right level, not too bright or low, and it is quiet enough to have meaningful conversations, not just nods and shouts. And, the dining area’s excellence lies in the booths that give privacy without physically cutting you off from your neighbors.

Just as in Madison, the food is nothing to shout for, but it is good, staple food. I usually always order the fish because it is one thing on the menu that I know is tasty and done fairly well. I might also suggest the pretzels and mustard (well, I got mine with cheese of course ;-) ) when you’re drinking—they tasted exceptionally good with the dark beers. And, if you want to try an English staple, get the Bangers and Mash (I think they call them Brats and Mash in Wausau just for us). The brats are fried with onions, the “mash” is actually yummy mashed potatoes, and there is hot apple/cinnamon chunky sauce as a side. 

Update 5/15/10: I also just tried the Chicken Pot Pie, which was quite good. Flaky crust on top, smooth mashed potatoes and chicken etc. inside. Also comes with the apple/cinnamon chunks and a rye roll. Nice dish.

Now, for the best part: the beer. Brewed on site—you can see the vats from the bar—this beer is something to get excited about. There is a variety of beers from very light to pretty-darn-dark (I’m an Extra Stout Guinness kind of girl, so dark means black to me). The Speedway India Pale Ale, a light beer, has a zing to it which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Emerald Isle Stout, a dark beer, was very good, but for me, it missed the punch at the end that I tend to look for. However, some others in our party thought the Emerald a very good dark beer indeed, and if you like bottled Beck’s Dark, which has a smooth finish, then this is much better.

All in all, The Great Dane Pub in Wausau, WI is a downright good place to go for drinks, or drinks and food. Try it!

18th April
written by Minx

This restaurant is located in a new strip mall on the corner of Schofield Ave. and Camp Phillips Rd. in Weston, WI. It is classified as an Asian restaurant where they serve mainly Chinese, plus sushi.

Shanghai Grill Restaurant

Shanghai Grill Restaurant

A note on the atmosphere: it’s a modern asian style, with a warehouse-look to the ceiling, with all the pipes and conduits painted matte black. The walls have big and bold color. The lighting is cool blacks, ivories, and reds. There is even a special green jade ship to greet you at the entrance.

The lunch buffet is reasonable in price, and while they don’t have a huge selection of items, they have many interesting tidbits to choose from. From mandarin chicken, succulent fried rice, to sushi and wasabi sauce, fresh ginger, spring rolls and donuts, there is never a dull plate to be brought back to the table. Add in the garlic bread, pizza rolls, and cream puffs, and you’ll find there’s always something to munch on. Even children will enjoy the meal with the several fresh fruits and raw vegetables available.

Just a word about their great fried rice: it seems homemade. It has fresh scrambled eggs in it and a good handful of peas and carrots in every serving. And, it’s so moist and tasty you can even eat it plain.

Try out the Shanghai Grill.

1st April
written by Minx

I was at a gathering at Day’s Bowl-a-Dome the other day. From the hidden-away look of the place and location, and the plain inside (though the varnished wood is very nice), I wasn’t expecting much from the bar or kitchen.

To my happy surprise, they have Guinness on tap. The french fries are good, and the cheese curds are ALMOST as good as the Optimists’ at the Marathon County fair in Wausau. Some in our party said they were BETTER than the Optimists’ cheese curds, and that’s saying a lot!

The atmosphere is very calm and settling. Was that perhaps because there weren’t a large bank of TVs blaring? Perhaps. It was really a nice experience. It felt comfortable.

We are definitely going back to Day’s Bowl-a-Dome soon to try their other fare and will let you know how it turns out. Go ahead; post your own favorite items from their menu —