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31st May
written by Minx

Taco Bell on Grand Ave

Oh, do you remember the Taco Bell on Grand Avenue in Wausau? It has been there, serving us cheap tacos and burritos for well over 30 years. And as of now, the building is gone–smashed to the ground, flattened. Is Taco Bell on Grand Ave. no more?

Hardly! They are building a brand new building in their more modern style, just to serve us better. I’ve heard that sometime late this summer we might see the return of the cheapest bean burrito around.

Seriously, even though the food is no big deal (no deal at all really), it’s a great value and it will fill you up. And, the Taco Bell on Grand Ave. is an icon of the Wausau area, and a fond and lovely one at that. So, though it will have a new face in a few months, fear not! The happiness of an .89 taco will still be satisfied. :-)

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